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PostSubject: Watchlist   Wed 16 Jan 2008 - 15:07

Quote :
This is a list of Pay To Sites that are under suspicion of being a scam. Keep your eyes open if you are a member of any of these sites! We wouldnt recommend you join these either.

To add to the list, visit our forums.

Paid.vg - This site takes months to credit purchased referrals, pay their members, and has some terrible support. This very undedicated webmaster could spell disaster for those of you who use Paid.vg. We strongly recommend you don't put any of your valuable time or money into this website which is sure to blast into a spiral of paypal claims and unpaid users.

TopBux.org - No ads for regular members, ever. They are forcing you to upgrade if you want any ads. This leads some to believe that they might be getting ready to cut and run, leaving their members high and dry.

TarBux.com - Well, they had a decent amount of Ads right at the beginning to get a lot of people to sign up, then once they got enough people, and made enough cash for themselves, they lowered it to one ad, and now there is only ever one ad. That leads some to believe something fishy might be going on. Also, some accounts never get a signup email. Also, they never respond to support mails. Payouts take a very long time. Update: Several accounts being suspended with no reason and no response from the site when asked.

Extreme-Ads.net & Traffic-Masters.net - Non responsive to mails even when online, same owner, extreme-ads removes the referral from the referral link at random when the referral signs up. Keep an eye on these two!

Bux.to - Recently added to GPT Boycott, for all of the reasons we had Bux.to on our watchlist the last time. They make fake referrals to sell to people. They DONT FOLLOW THEIR OWN TOS (they say they pay in 30 business days...people wait WAY longer than 30 business days). They pay a few users, and not others. This is to try to keep people from thinking they are a scam. Definitely stay away from this monster of a scam. Update: The just raised their payout to 60 business days for standard members, and 30 business days for premium members. Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, Bux.to went and proved us wrong.
Quote: PTC Talk

I'm registed in Paid.vg, TopBux.org (and it's true what they are saying) and Bux.to and now? Neutral I'm far from receiving any money from each one (I already have given up from TopBux) and I don't wanna waste time clicking for nothing. Let's try and make this subject "alive".


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PostSubject: Re: Watchlist   Thu 17 Jan 2008 - 11:06

That is the reason, why BuxWin was created..

All members, don't need to reach payout in the sites, when you reach 1$ buxwin pays you 50% of that value.

So don't click for sites that are not on our list, if you know any potencial site tell here, and we analyse, see if it's trustfully and put it in the list, so all of you signup on BuxWin sites and have your 50cents every week Wink

Important: If you don't want your account to be canceled in every site your in, be attention for the following measures:
1- Don't create more than one account, if you want to create another, first delete the old one.
2- Open your account only by your computer, because of your "ip". If you do not, the risk is your account being deleted.
3- Don't enter any site from public places (WiFi).
Send an email to the Admin of the site if you want to do any of this three situations
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