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PostSubject: IMPORTANT DAILYCLICKS   Fri 25 Jan 2008 - 17:10

You can recover your earnings at DailyClicks

Go to this POST and write the amount that you had before the reset, like I did:

Username: Ax00n
Amount: $12

The Admin want's to give back your earnings, and had this idea, it's a big prof that DailyClicks Admin cares with his Members, and is working VERY hard with all the problems that Paypal made... BuxWin supports DailyClicks, that's why we didn't give up clicking Smile

Harry up, there are 10.000 users that are posting, the more quickest you be, the more quickly you'll have the money Wink

Thks Dav7 for the information Smile

Important: If you don't want your account to be canceled in every site your in, be attention for the following measures:
1- Don't create more than one account, if you want to create another, first delete the old one.
2- Open your account only by your computer, because of your "ip". If you do not, the risk is your account being deleted.
3- Don't enter any site from public places (WiFi).
Send an email to the Admin of the site if you want to do any of this three situations
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