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 NEOBUX (Module 1)

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PostSubject: NEOBUX (Module 1)   NEOBUX (Module 1) Icon_minitimeWed 9 Apr 2008 - 6:18

The Revolution of PTC as come

NEOBUX (Module 1) Banner1

NeoBux is being made from nothing by portuguese webmasters that usually are registered at Ptc sites and are trying with that experience, construct the best possible rentability site of the web, to affiliate as to advertisers.

It stills in pre-registered phase and we are wating for the official opening at the end of April, and you can be sure that is going to be a world sucess site, but if you have any suggestion to make neobux better you can do it in the forum that as an english and portuguese language.

Members Win:

From $0,01 to $0,02 per click;
From $0,005 to $0,02 per ref click;
Up to 10% for every buy you referral makes
Cashout will be $2,00 to AlertPay.

One of the new features that you're going to find only in this new site it calls: "Lazy Referrals"
Lazy Referrals is an incentive that no member stops clicking everyday because they have a lot of referrals and don't need to click...but the person that as that person as his referral, as no earning...

My Referrals click 10 advertisers, i will only win that $0.1 if the day before i had click at least 5 links.
So the person that refers me, will have sure that i will keep clicking and i will be sure that my referrals will be clicking too.

But you can learn more at Terms Of Service, topic 3.7 HERE

I've already bought my Golden Membership and will buy referrals too, i'm counting a lot with this site.

As this site has 50% of referral earnings, i'll pay $0.25 for each $1 you made.
Good clicks everyone
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Posts : 167
Join date : 2007-10-10
Location : Sintra | Portugal

NEOBUX (Module 1) Empty
PostSubject: Re: NEOBUX (Module 1)   NEOBUX (Module 1) Icon_minitimeThu 24 Apr 2008 - 12:01

The Big Launch is almost there, 1 of May the advertises will be available to click.

I Have already bought the Golden Member eheh and promoting i get 54 referrals already, the moderators are friends of mine (from portugal) and i trust fully in this site.

After the beguinning (when referrals purchase be available) i suggest you buy the very first day for referrals, because there's going to be thousands of members buying too, and referrals are limited Wink

Ok, here are the news about NeoBux:

- Will be instantly, you request your money and in 2 seconds the money goes to your Alertpay Wink
- You can request cashout when you complete $2
In your second cashout you'll have to complete $3,
then $4...
and for last $10, all cashouts then will be $10

- You can send your account balance to other member (i can do it for BuxWin members Very Happy)
- You can contact with your referrals and any other member, DON'T SPAM THOUGH.
- You can do EVERYTHING with you account balance, send to other member, buy referrals, buy upgrade, buy advertising...
- You can see all information about your referrals, last login, how many ads he/she clicked, statistics about he/she's clicks, etc...
- Anything you want you can request to admin, he's very flexible.

There are more features that other PTC sites don't have, so go to the forum and see for yourself Wink
Don't forget, you only receive the money of your referrals if you click too...

Allow me to explain:
Your 50 referrals made a total of $5 today, this means every member as click in 10 ads.
So tomorrow you have to click, at least in half of that value, this means you have to click in 5 Ads...

This will encourage every member to click, and those members that buy referrals, don't wait for others to work for him.

I Can pay my referrals the 50% transfering the NeoBux account balance Wink Great Feature.
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NEOBUX (Module 1)
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